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Section 7 - The arts, Entertainment, Sport: Architecture, Graphics, Painting, Music, Photography, Films, Cinema, Theatre, Townsplanning

7.01/.02 - Theory and philosophy of art. Technique of art.
7.03(09) - History of art.
7.04 - Subjects and artistic representation. Iconography.
7.07 - Occupational attitude towards art.
7.071 - Artists – life and works – joint works.
7.071A/Z - Artists – life and works – individual works.
7.096/.097 - Radio and television.
71 - Town and country planning. Town planning. Landscape architecture.
72 - Architecture.
72(438) - Architecture – Poland.
726 - Ecclesiastical architecture. Sacred and funerary buildings.
728 - Residential buildings. Castles. Palaces. Manor houses. Defensive architecture.
73/74 - Sculpture and related arts. Drawing. Artistic crafts. Applied arts.
75 - Painting.
76 - Graphics.
77 - Photography and similar processes.
78 - Music.
791 - Films. Cinema. Public performances.
792 - Theatre.
793/799 - Sport. Social entertainments and games. Recreation.
7(05) - The arts. Entertainment. Sport – serial publications, periodicals.

Contact: e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone 32 786 5123, 32 786 5124

Interlibrary loan imports from other Polish and foreign libraries books, magazines, articles copies and other materials, which are not in the collections of the US or the UE library, or any other library in Katowice.

The Interlibrary loan can be used by:

  • staff and retired employees of the US and the UE,
  • students of the US and the UE writing theses and in justified cases, other students with the written support of a tutor,
  • PhD students and post-graduate students of the US and the EU,
  • other PhD students affiliated with the university supervisor or persons having PhD programme in the US and the EU (such readers are required to create a deposit account in CINiBA).

Orders issued should include detailed bibliographic data of the demanded materials and the ordering person’s personal details (name, e-mail and phone number). Orders can be issued by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), in person at the interlibrary loan or at the reference desk, Level 0.

Libraries are responsible for all imported materials, therefore the materials can be used only within CINiBA premises and with obedience of the return date set by the lending library (except for photocopies). An application for any extension of the return date the reader should issue to the interlibrary loan before it expires.

The book can be self-renewed by a reader if:

  • the date of the return has not expired for any of the books borrowed,
  • no copy of that particular edition has been reserved by another reader,
  • the book has not been renewed at the circulation desk,
  • book has not been previously renewed 3 times.

Caution! Each book can be renewed up to 3 times. Therefore, in order to maximise the rental period it is the best to prolong the book immediately before the due date.

To self-renew a book, a reader should:

  • Log into a library account, the icon is in the top bar of the catalogue windows
  • Click the “renewable items” bookmark (in this case you have to wait, because the data may download slowly), a list of books that can be renewed is shown,
  • Click the “renew” button by the book we want to extend the rental period - the system asks for confirmation
  • If we click the “YES” button, description of the book appears – with a new date of the return indicating that the renewal is successful.

The Scientific Information Centre and Academic Library is a co-organizer of each event in the object, or is a provider of Rooms to other institutions that organize an event together with the University of Silesia or the University of Economics in Katowice. Detailed rules of access to Rooms can be found here..

Groups of readers can use the Seminar Room without prior booking, but only when it is not reserved by other users. Interested persons should contact the librarian on duty at the Reference Desk on Level 2.

To rent a room in advance,  the following form should be issued:

Contact in matters of Rooms available: the Director’s of the Centre Assistant dr Katarzyna Wyszyńska, phone: 32 786 5004, mobile phone: 506 212 927, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The centre offers:


Type of room


Number of places

Fixed equipment

Conference Room
Level 0

131,32 m2


13.5m x 8m




Chairs, audio, video, multimedia projector, interactive whiteboard, sound system.

No possibility to change the setting of furniture.

Learning Lab

Level 0

111,60 m2


13m x 8m



Tables without possibility to change the setting, equipped with terminals. Chairs, audio, video, multimedia projector, interactive whiteboard, sound system.


Level 0

351,56 m2


Exhibition space only.

Seminar Room

Level 2

87,58 m2


14,5m x 6m


Tables and chairs (setting of furniture can be changed inside the room - 12 tables and 40 chairs); basic setting - a horseshoe.

Additional equipment which can be installed in the rooms.

Simultaneous translation equipment.

Equipment for the visually impaired.

Do dyspozycji czytelników w gmachu CINiBA pozostają 3 samoobsługowe wielofunkcyjne urządzenia umożliwiające kserowanie, drukowanie, skanowanie (czarno-białe i kolorowe) i rozpoznawanie tekstów technologią OCR. Maszyny znajdują się na wszystkich poziomach.


komputery w Centrum

In CINiBA, readers have access to over 100 computer workstations with Internet access, which are located on every level of the building, as well as in the Reading Room and other Rooms.

PC workstations in CINiBA network are installed to provide sources of information necessary to study and carry out research work, in particular - use of library catalogues and databases, scientific journals and scientific websites distributed via network within the US and the EU.

CDs requiring appropriate software can be played in the Multimedia reading room.

Cancellation of the account can be done after satisfaction of liabilities in respect of all the libraries in the integrated library-information system. The basis of cancellation of the account is:

  1. In the case of employees – circulation card;
  2. In the case of students and PhD students - index with a confirmation of books return from libraries, which stamps appear in it (if the university issues traditional indexes) and circulation card issued by the Dean's Office;
  3. In the case of postgraduate students - the student card confirming the return of books from libraries, which stamps appear in it or an identity document;
  4. In the case of readers with a deposit account - identity card and confirmation of introducing the deposit. No interest rate applies to deposits.

Books with the "Available on-site only (free access)" or “Available on-site only” status may be, in justified cases, borrowed for the night or for a weekend. Recognition of justification is left to discretion of the librarian.

    1. borrowing "for the night" - no more than two volumes, not earlier than one hour before CINiBA closing time. The materials must be returned by 10.00 am on the next working day,
    2. "for weekend" - no more than three volumes; materials can be borrowed on CINiBA last day of work before the break, but not earlier than one hour before closing. The materials must be returned by 10.00 am on the first day of CINiBA work after the break.
      • prints published before 1950,
      • special collections, rare and valuable works,
      • works which can be found in the reference collections in the reading rooms,
      • materials in poor condition,
      • works borrowed from other Polish and foreign libraries,
      • newspapers and magazines
      • other documents, which are exclusively for use on-site or have "Available on-site only (free access)" status.