Books in free access are divided into nine broad areas of knowledge (each color-coded) grouped into 447 thematic sections. They are spread over three levels of the CINiBA building. In each section you will find a selection of journal titles form the last five years. Other newspapers can be delivered to the Reading Room through the electronic catalogue.



Level 0



 Level 1




 Level 2



In the case of free access books, an electronic catalogue only gives the location of a copy (shelving), ordering option is inactive.


Labeling books

oznakowanie ksiazki


In order to ensure full reader service (from reaching an appropriate shelf to self-service borrowing) collections from free access zones are clearly marked. Spines of the books and magazines bears stickers, each of which contains specific information:

  • Thin, coloured bar represents one of the nine knowledge areas.
  • Label under the bar contains the free access call number with the information needed to find the book on the shelf: a symbol of section, basic book data and the inventory number.
  • Documents from free access zone intended for use on site in CINiBA are additionally marked with red dots.